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I think it is time to give something back that many of you can use and will hopefully benefit from.

I recently changed the pages and the online access to my Online Amel Book. This 400-page book resides in the Cloud with the world's best cloud services provider. With a large tablet, laptop, or PC, and a decent Internet connection it works flawlessly. You will find these and other features:
  • LEADING PAGEย - This page describes how to navigate the Online Amel Book and zoom in/out, crop and copy, etc.
  • SEARCH OPTIONย - The search feature is fast and reliable. Try it by entering a keywordย like Onan and notice the results appear as thumbnailsย of the pages with "Onan."
  • CONTENTS Page 4 - Browse this page and click on any item or page number and you will be taken to that page
  • AMEL BOOK SUPPLEMENTSย Page 5 - Browse this page for any item that you want more information on than what is in the 400-page book. There are thousandsย of files in the Cloud you can access, many of them step-by-step how-to procedures written by me and other Amel owners.
  • PREFERRED VENDORS Page 6 - Browse this page to find a Preferred Vendor for things you may need and receive a discount.
  • LINKS TO SUPPLEMENTS AND OTHER INFO - Throughout the Online Amel Book you will find embedded links that when clicked on will take you to SUPPLEMENTS in the Cloud or to certain websites. I am constantly adding these links and maintaining them. This is really helpful to me and I hope it helps you.
To link to and view and use the Online Amel Book with no obligationย of any kindย CLICK HERE

I hope this is of some benefit to you. The password will expire in 30 days...hopefully, that is long enough for your project. If not, you will find at the above link specially priced subscriptions available for members of this Group.

Be sure to read this which is also on Page 2 of the Amel Book:ย 
This Amel Book is licensed to the Online Subscriber.ย The Amel Book, Online Amel Book, Supplements, and other documents published by Bill Rouse are licensedย to only the original registered client and are not transferable. Only use the Amel Book, Supplements, andย other documents after thoroughly reading the Amel Owners and Users Manuals, as well as, the installedย component manual from each manufacturer. You assure Bill Rouse that you have taken every precautionย recommended by Amel and the component manufacturer. Yacht School assumes no liability regarding anyย contents of the Amel Book, Supplements, or other publications. Amel Owners Yacht School is notย affiliated or associated with Chantier Amel, La Rochelle, France
DO NOT PROCEED with anything represented in this Amel Book or Amel Bookย Supplements if you have not familiarized yourself thoroughly with all of the safety warnings which are published in the Amel User and/or Owner Manuals, and published by each component manufacturer.ย 
Any doubts, call or text Bill atย +1 832-380-4970. Please do not take unnecessary risks. If in doubt, hire a professional.


CW Bill Rouseย Amel Owners Yacht School
720 Winnie, Galveston Island, Texas 77550ย 
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