Marco UP3/A 24V Water system pump FOR SALE

Bob Ross


JB Duler

Bob, I will take the pump as I was looking for an emergency spare.
Happy to paypal you or do whatever. I am in Mill Valley, CA 94941
John Bernard "JB" Duler
San Francisco
Meltem # 19, Western Med

Bob Ross

G'day to All,

Working on a friends boat we accidentally ordered a 24V version of a pump he needed in 12V. 
Thought maybe an Amelian might be able to use this pump.

Brand new, in the box, never used. Just in from Italy. Currently in the USA.
Model UP3/A 24V
Part number 164 600 13 15 l/min - 4gpm
On 1 bar 14.5 psi - Off 2.5 bar 36.3 psi
See photos. Manual was too big for here but can be found online.

Shipping is paid if shipped within the 48 US states otherwise we can work it out together.
Asking $150 USD - way below market price. Just trying to find it a good home.

Reply here for serious buyers

The Marco UP3-24V is a nickel-plated brass Bronze Gear Pump, rated for 3.96 GPM (15 l/min), with helical Bronze gears, 3/8 inch BSP Ports, coupled to a 24 Volts DC Motor. This self-priming electric pump can be used for the transfer of many different liquids of a varied nature. The pump is self priming to 5 feet (1.5 m). The pumping elements are made up of bronze gears which can run dry for brief periods. It comes equipped with an in-line filter on the inlet side. The pump can be mounted in any position. Fix the pump with suitable diameter screws corresponding to the holes on the feet/base. There are numerous fields of applications for the pump, however DO NOT pump FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS with this pump. The pump can operate on a continuous cycle if it does not exceed the maximum pressure and temperature limits. The maximum temperature for this pump is 185 degrees F.
WEIGHT : The Marco UP3-24V weighs 3.1 Lbs.