My Victron Scylla I. 100amp

Arthur Sundqvist

Hi there !
My Victron Scylla i, 100AMP is not working properly after changing the batterybank....
I am not in harbour but on anchor at GraetBarier Island in NewZealand.

So now I am charging with the smaller Shorepowercharger wich works but takes longer  time.
 I started charging at 25,6 volt.
The Scylla starts fine but after 20 min it goes into absorption and stops charging .
Why? Is there something I can try?

Charging with the horsepower charger works fine. 

Fair winds to all of you.
Arthur Sundqvist
SM435 Vista

Bill Kinney


There are many things that could be going on here, and to diagnose would take a lot more information that I have so far, but I do have two suggestions for you.

First, is to disconnect the Scylla from both AC power and from the batteries, allow it to sit for 10 minutes, and then reconnect. It is possible (but not likely) that it is stuck in an odd state that can be reset with a total loss of power.

If that does not work, your best bet to get help is either from the dealer who sold you the charger, or from Victron's community board:

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Le Marine, Martinique

Roman Lawrence

Could be that the potentiometer under the cover twisted. An option will be to measure up the output voltage from the Victron

Roman Lawrence
SM Coque en Re