Selling our 1991 Super Maramu Wake Hull56

Davi Rozgonyi

Hey friends! It is with a heavy heart I’m making it known officially: We’re selling our beloved Wake. I thought I’d post here first because there are a few members here who are actively looking for Amels. I have no broker (yet), I’d prefer to sell privately. Here is some info from my general ad I’ll run in a while. I took out some of the info as redundant, as I’d guess everyone here knows these lovely boats well. 

Amel Super Maramu Hull #56 for sale. Price reduced to 210000 euros. Lying in eastern Greece, Mytilini Marina, a very protected, pleasant, secure, and well-priced marina, guaranteed a berth as long as we or a new owner wants it. The contract also allows time at Ayvalik, Turkey. Come visit her anytime, we're here.

This beautiful boat has been my family’s fulltime home for the past 5 years. We had big plans to circle the world, and the boat was bought already fully equipped to do so from a meticulous and honest owner with the same plans. Life got in the way, back to back covid lockdowns, so we circled the Med instead and fell in love with Greece (shocker!). So we’re staying put, buying land, and the boat needs a loving owner to treat her as Amels are meant to be treated: finding adventure around the world! 

She comes with all the standard SM bells and whistles, so I will only list the differences I’ve seen/done. 

4 additional Guiot hatches were professionally installed in the aft cabin, two side-facing, two upward over the aft head and entryway. These are completely leak proof, but make a massive difference in airflow on hot Med nights. Most SMs don’t have them, and you can immediately tell. These are brilliant. The one above the head lets out all the steam as well.    

All sails are in great shape. Genoa needs a cleaning but is only a few years old, and, like the rest of the sails, was rarely used since we spent months on anchor or locked down over our years with her. Proper ACMO rigging is something like 7 years old, inspected 2 years ago, and as the sails, have seen little use so are pretty spotless. Includes PARASAILOR vented spinnaker for effortless downwind work (11k euros by itself). Includes Amel ballooner and mizzen ballooner as well. 

Engine (a great Perkins M80T workhorse) has been completely overhauled 4 years ago, and has seen less than 1000 hours since then. New 24v alternator, new water pump, new raw water pump, newer turbo. Always has fired up on the first half a crank. She has recently developed an oil seal leak, so I am having it removed, and in fixing that, we will go over it again with a fine tooth comb and change out anything we find that’s old or needs it. 

Other equipment (some standard AMEL, some added): 

All standard sails in good/very good condition

Parasailor vented spinnaker
Full winter cockpit enclosure. Makes sailing/living onboard in winter a sweatpants and slippers sort of thing. Amazing the difference it makes.

Heavy duty new gen anchor, 120m chain, spare main anchor, stern-mounted fortress kedge anchor. 

Bow thruster (serviced 2 years ago) and 4 spare props 

Webasto diesel heater

Maxprop with rope cutter

Emek Marine designed and built rear arch. The "elegant" one, we get compliments all the time. Such a pretty, sturdy design. Can easily carry a dinghy.
900W solar array (Sharp, 2 years old)

450W Silentwind wind gennie on mizzen (4 years old)

Dessalator 60l/m watermaker

6.5kW Onan diesel generator

SSB radio

Inmarsat Satellite phone


Liferaft (inspected/repacked 2 years ago). 

Forward facing sonar (great for poking into unknown shallows)

Custom INOX shore tie reel (100m floating line)

Stern shore tie flat tape reel (50m tape)

2 autopilots

Security camera and DVD recorder.

Larger than king-size aft cabin bed conversion. The best sleep of your life. 

Lowering saloon table professionally installed to form a king sized bed or TV couch, facing a 43 inch flat screen. Gorgeous Amel tabletop is of course the original, and solid as a rock in the "up" position.

Front cabin has two twin beds, and a piece included with cushions to make it into another huge bed for guests.  

Badboy WIFI stealer. Anchor out, get a coffee on shore and the wifi password, then you have free internet. About a 1 km line of sight range. Very handy until we got our router. 

Frigoboat 2-drawer main fridge

Nav station seat conversion to Dometic deep freezer. Big comfy cushioned seat, holds 10kg+ of your frozen fish, chicken, whatever you like. Variable -22C-+5C. 

Security bars on all hatches

Heavy, custom INOX security panel/lock on main companionway door. Impossible to pry-bar the door or slider from any angle. 

43 inch flat screen Smart TV. We ran a regular house router with SIM card, and had full internet almost all the time, including Netflix. 

Mizzen down-lights (great for docking in the dark or boarding guests, they light up the deck like high noon).

Full boat sun cover (needs some new buckles sewn in places, but it’s custom made, covers the boat from mast to stern, and makes it amazingly cool and pleasant in the hottest weather inside and out). 

Magma gas grill. 

Fire extinguishers mounted in all spaces, CO2 extinguisher, fire blanket, safety equipment.

Misc equipment: Handheld VHFs, walkie talkies, flashlights, rangefinder, hand held depth gauge, hand bearing compasses, etc. 

2 Flopstopper roll reducers for at anchor. 

All standard wall sconces and ceiling lights, as well as custom dimmable LED ceiling lights in most areas. 

Charts and pilot books for pretty much all of the Med including Turkey. 

Amel special tools: bow thruster removal tool, bow thruster in-water dropping tool, engine alignment tool   

Loads of docking equipment (dozens of dock lines, 4 big springs, chains, 2x30 meter (22mm) mooring lines, 2 x 90 meter floating shore ties, etc)

Enough tools and spare parts/service kits to build a second Amel. 

She has some small details/areas that need maintenance or have reached their regular service intervals I just don’t have the time for. For example, the windlass works perfectly, but is a year overdue for a service (full service kit onboard waiting for ya). 

This boat does NOT include a dinghy! (unless you really really want it). Our dinghy is the “Delos” Maggie dinghy (google it). 3.3m solid aluminum, RIB style for massive stability, bow locker, with a 20hp Yamaha engine. We were a three-person crew, and she was perfect, but a cruising couple would find launching her a handful, so I’m taking her to use around here. I would rather do a dinghy allowance off the price rather than buying a random one you might not even like. But if you are three or four crew, then maybe we can make a deal. She really is a go anywhere, can’t be damaged, diving/snorkelling/anchoring 5 miles from the nearest village kinda beast. She draws a crowd faster than the mothership.

That's all I can think of at the moment. This boat is nearly ready for a go-around as is. A few days of maintenance items and she can hit the high seas in safety and style.

I know you’ll love her as much as we do. 

Fair winds to you all