French Long Stay Visa - Has anyone done one recently?

Jay Feaver


Has anyone recently applied for a french long stay visa to use while cruising on their boat?   If so, what did you submit for "accommodations"  or "proof of address" section and was what you did was satisfactory to the authorities?   

The long version is we are a Canadian boat with Canadians aboard and are making our plans for next year.  We will resume sailing from Greece in early April and are hoping to spend the bulk of the summer in France before crossing the Atlantic next November.   We are getting organized to apply for a long stay french visa (tourist).   Most of the application appears straight forward, however, when speaking with the contact at VFS Canada, they had no clear answer for how to explain that we are living on our boat and cruising...  (so don't have a civic address we will live at)

Some people have mentioned putting the address of your first marina? Should we show a tentative schedule in a letter?   Has anyone gone through this?   (Our plan is cruise via Italy to Hyers to spend 2-4 weeks doing maintenance with Amel and to spend the rest of the time exploring the south coast and Corsica.  Last season we found it worked well to stay flexible for the weather so we did not book things far ahead.   I would take advice here.) 

Also, as an aside, I am looking at ways for our boys (7-8) spend some time immersed in French.   If anyone has a suggestion for good programs I'd love to hear. 

Thanks for any advice,
Jay Feaver
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Kadri Atalay

We are looking into this as well. Will apply and try to get visa from Washington DC. Sailing itinerary is from Canary Islands to Mediterranean Sea and would like to stay in France during summer until next spring. We’ll let you know if we get it, and what the conditions are by February. (Our understanding is that you need to apply 3 months before arrival)
In the meantime would love to know what you find out. 

A-50 Mavi II 

Jay Feaver

Hi Kadri,

Yes.  We will keep in touch. I am asking a few places.  We are going to apply for ours on January 26th for an April 20th entry.  I have the same understanding as you regarding timing for application.