Just Arrived

Nicolas Klene

Salut Jean François 
Very warm welcome to this great site, full of experienced  ( and less experienced like me) but all super friendly and accessible people.
You will gain a lot of knowledge  to make up your mind to choose your next boat.Regardless which model you choose ,Amel ‘s are the best !!
Bonne chance ⛵️🌈

Nicolas Klene
SM2K # 471
In Marseille

Davi Rozgonyi

Hey there and welcome! You're in luck, I've just started selling our beloved Super Maramu SM56 Wake. No broker yet, just put up an info sheet here in a post a few days ago. We lived aboard the past 5 years in the Med, now she is lying in Mytinili (lesvos) Eastern Greece. She's older but one of the best outfitted SMs out there. If you like her, email me and let me know! 

Cheers and welcome to the family :) 

JF Pellevoizin

I joined just the group if the Amel Yacht Owners. 
Thank you for welcoming us!
We don't not yet own a Amel, but we are soon considering acquiring Super Maramu, Maramu, Santorin.
Currently, our choice si for the Super Maramu.
Best regard