A54 Spare parts list

Eric Freedman

On Kimberlite which has a Yanmar, I have every spare part that can be replaced at sea.

My spares have all gaskets, including the head gasket. All senders, starter, pumps, both alternators, hoses, the brackets for the alternators, belts, impeller and many filters.


Basically, go through the parts manual, and if you think you can change it buy it.

I assume you have an electronic common rail engine, , I believe there is a computer that controls the engine, so get that spare also.


I have the same for the Generator, and watermaker .


The Onan is Imperial and metric so have both sets of tools.

A large supply of fasteners is also helpful and saves a lot of time.



I have a spare bilge pump, toilet pumps and macerator motors, toilet parts, freshwater pump, AC raw water pump.

Circuit breakers and a lot of things I can’t remember.

If you have the Vetus plastic water lift mufflers I also have spares.  


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