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All Amel Owners who are also Amel Lovers:

The first time that Judy and I hosted another couple interested in Amels was in 2014. We invited this Austrian couple aboard BeBe for a long weekend. They bought a SM within a year. The next time was about 6 months later. That couple bought a 55. We did this more than two times. We really enjoyed seeing our Amel through their eyes. We enjoyed showing them the benefit of being an Amel owner.

I have several things that I currently offer through Amel Yacht School:
This learning and Amel orientation cruise cost a couple less than one-half what it costs to charter a cheap sailboat and gives the couple a complete orientation of an Amel Yacht. I now offer an Amel 7-day Orientation Cruise aboard an Amel with an experienced owner/captain in the US, Caribbean, Mediterranean, French Polynesia, Australia, and New Zealand. If you are experienced with your Amel you can be a perfect Host using my Learning Outline. More...

Amel Yacht School Training Courses provide a pathway to gaining some important operating and maintenance information. The included ZOOM video meetings allow the transmission of actual live images in both directions. This provides you with fast and accurate answers to the complicated situations you may experience. This will help you solve complicated problems. Each course is divided into 7 parts including prerequisite reading and study. All parts are done aboard your Amel. There are 2 versions, Premium, and FastTrack. If you are experienced with your Amel you can be a perfect Guide using my Learning Outline. More...

What I need are experienced Amel owners to become Hosts for the Orientation Cruises and to be onboard Guides for the Premium Training Course. I can use you in any part of the world, although the Caribbean and Mediterranean are the most popular locations. The Hosts and Guides are paid 2,400 - 3000. Being a Host or Guide is fulfilling and can benefit you in other ways. Let me know because I am getting more requests for these and I think I need to add a few more experienced Amel owners. I currently have owners of SM, 54, and 50. It would be great to add a 55 & 60. BTW, every person who has taken an Orientation Cruise has bought an Amel or is aggressively looking to buy. Several buyers of new Amel 50s have taken the Orientation Cruise to be ready when their new 50 is finished, and let's face it, they have a long wait. In several cases, A50 buyers finalized their A50 options list while onboard with an experienced Amel 50 owner. That is PRICELESS! 

Let me know through a private email to brouse@...

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