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do you have a web address for the alphatronics converter?

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Hello I hope everyone had a great new year. I
would like to get some fedback as to the type of SSB
radios that are out there. I have A SM 2000 I would like
to install an SSB. I have looked at the Icom.It
seems to be the most popular. The place where I see the
installation most often is under the radar. On my boat the
pannel that would be removed is the one that has the
Amel logo. I like that piece of wood and I dont want
to remove it. Has anyone found a good another way of
mounting the radio.<br><br>Thanks<br><br>Vito
Ciaravino<br>SM#283 Wanderer

Two possible solutions. Either mount the radio on brackets beneath
theinstrument panels or remove the logo panel and hinge it.It is
held in place by four screws from behind and also fixed with double
sided sticky tape. It can be prised of carefully and hinged to let
down on a stay and held closed with a small piece of industrial
velcro or something similar.
I will try to post photos when we get back to Bali Hai in Malta
week. The SSB can be supplied with 12 volts from an isolated
Alphatronics switchmode converter a a fraction of the cost of the
type supplied by SSB companies. Cosider having a ham set instead of
an SSB. It can be programmed for the SSB chanells and is much
to retune when the net controller suggests moving up to another
frequency. It is also much cheaper,typically about 600pounds
stlg.The output will only be 100 watts max as opposed to 150 with
SSB but in practice this makes no difference to performance.

Regards John Hollamby