Amel 54 - Volkswagen TDI Cooling

Wolfgang Weber

Hello to the group,
I think there are the last 10  AMEL 54 with a Volkswagen 140 HP engine . It is a nice engine which runs 400.000 km in a VW T4 bus.  To find a  service for changing the timing belt is sometimes a problem.
I have the contact of the man  from Volkswagen who made  the training for mechanics on VW-Marine motors and  is always a great help for problems.
I had a loss of coolingfluid due to a leakage of a little black rubber cap - located under the fuel filter . My VW-man told me that this is a known problem which occured by  spilling fuel on the cap when changing the fuel filter.
The cap costs 12 € and can be ordered at a normal VW service station . Part number  06D 133 335 A .

Don´t expect an alarm for loss of coolingfluid -the sensor for coolwaterlevel is not connected ! because of the isolated ground of Amel !

For contact my VW-man

SY Elise Amel 54 # 162 La Rochelle

Wolfgang Weber

Pictures of cap and cable to sensor

Gregory Dmitriev

This is true - it's not easy to get good service for this engine.
Changing belts is a nightmare.