Amel 55 fuel tank guage accuracy

Billy Newport

I've been running my boat in the marina this winter with the diesel heater running. It was down at a quarter in late Dec so I filled it with 103 gallons. I had fuel coming up the fill pipe in to the overflow bowl when I stopped so I'm pretty sure I filled it.
It was still about 1/2 full a couple of weeks ago and it's dropped to just under a quarter again yesterday. So, something is up here. A 230 gallon tank thats a quarter full doesn't fill with 103 gallons.
Has anyone any experience with the guages on a 55? I've ordered a yachtd tank level sensor which can be calibrated so I'll switch to that. But, without the sight guage from the SM's, what does a quarter full mean (130 gallons left?)

Amel 55#56

Billy Newport

I have the tank cleaned and polished today. We pulled about 60 gallons out which matches the 1/4 level on the gauge. We're still unsure though as last time we were at 1/4, we added 106 gallons to what we thought was full and the gauge showed full but based on today that would only put 166g in the tank and capacity is 230 so maybe slow down fill and keep filling...

Also, we found when we removed the inspection hatch under the captain bunk, there was diesel in the center of the rubber gasket. The gasket is a full circle on my boat, not a ring so the fuel got up there somehow and pooled in the center of the gasket. I didn't find any fuel on the bunk itself happily but something that wouldn't happen with a ring gasket for example maybe. We ended up using a little sealant on the bolts and tightened it a little more, the bolts didn't seem very tight when we removed the inspection cover.

Billy Newport

And to finish this out. We measured about 60g in the tank when we emptied it today at an indicated 1/4 which is correct. I added 168g today and the gauge shows full correctly with 228g of fuel which is pretty full. I must have made a mistake before...