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Anne-Sophie Schmitt <nearlynothing@...>

The CQR gives satisfactory to very good holding in
most bottom conditions. I carry a Bruce as a back-up
or stern anchor, with 100 meters of line and 10 meters
of chain. In 95% of all situations the supplied anchor
will do the job well. The supplied chain (50 meters)
is short for my taste. I would favor 75 meters at
least and accept the bow weight penalty. I know many
anchor 3:1 on chain. I favor 5:1 if I have any doubt
about conditions, or 4:1 otherwise. Regards, Claude
--- Dimitrios Krassopoulos <dkra@...> wrote:
Dear All;

As I am going to be in Hyeres next week to take my
SM2000 I want to know
if the stailless steel anchor they provide has good
holding. Can you
help me on that? I was asking for a Delta but I was
convinced that the
35 Kg CQR is sufficient. How long is the chain they
supply? What do you

Should I ask for something that can be done during
the training period?


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