[Amel Yacht Owners] Bow locker seals

Philippe Belloir

China is a very big supermarket,
Have a look on AliExpress, DZ SEAL Store is the dealer.
I am anew owner, maramu 1986, so I look for sourcing.
I bought some electronic, and electrical devices with good results.

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Has anyone found a proper gasket for the Amel deck and cockpit lockers? I see lots of initial investigation so I am hoping that someone can post what they finally settled on. I see 1 post about ordering from Amel. I have a 1985 Mango so its unlikely that Amel will have these in stock. So I am looking for an after market solution. 

I know of 1 other Mango owner also looking for a good replacement gasket source and model number.

1985 Amel Mango # 46

Ken Powers SV Aquarius

These photos show what I received from Maud about a year ago.  I had it installed here in Thailand, and looks good.  I showed a photo installed, and how they cut it in the corners.  They didn't cut it like crown molding, they only cut out the bottom, and left the top to fold over itself.

Hope this helps.

Ken on Aquarius SM#262