[Amel Yacht Owners] Dealing with m. Selo, ss anchor, shipping problems, logos, ets

Anne-Sophie Schmitt <nearlynothing@...>

It's interesting about the anchor. I have had problems
with it dragging, but not more than one would expect
with a CQR. Generally I would say "satisfactory".
However, the shank bent in strong/shifting winds and
that was a surprise; I wouldn't have expected it.
Regards, Claude Roessiger
--- pagandaisy <no_reply@...> wrote:
Just back from a passage from Tortola to Grenada on
a new Doyle
jenny. Very competitively priced, it replaced my
delaminated original
sail. A very good sail indeed! Doyle, in the
Caribbean is a
pleasure to deal with.

As to logos as someone else stated, don't let the
kids play in the
engine compartment. But I'd like to know if on the
newer SM's the
cushions are still velcroed into place: a terrible
situation in the
dining area. Any suggestions for an improvement.
Also, after almost
eight years when the only maintenance on my
watermaker, even after
absences of as long as 6 months, was a weekly rinse
(with no ill
effects)the person watching my boat pickled the
membranes. He
states I should run 1/2 hr with the tap in the
galley open before
using the water. It would seem to me rinsing for
some length of time
would be sufficient. Comments please.

I don't understand how anyone could have any
problems dealing with m.
Selo. I've been doing so for as long as I've had
Amel's, almost 20
years, with nothing but first class service.

I shipped over a large crate of equipment when
having Pagan built.
Also no problem. Just ship as Amel tells you to.

About that stainless steel anchor (assuming it's the
same one I got 8
years ago): I couldn't get it to hold in La Coruna.
The first time I
used it in the Caribbean it dragged. The second
time it hung up on a
rock and bent. Obviously I knew what to do with it.
Friends who
know the anchor universally refer to it as "The
Slippery Anchor."

To those of you in the Caribbean predictions are for
5 large
hurricanes this year (as if you didn't know
already). Yes, Grenada is
a good place to leave your boat--much better than
the hard.)


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