[Amel Yacht Owners] Diesel heat for the boat and reduced RPM'S

Anne-Sophie Schmitt <nearlynothing@...>

It does seem that cleaning the turbo should be a
priority. I had my maintenance yard in Maine actual
tell me that this is standard annual procedure with
any turbo diesels they service. One other thing can be
the prop. Any, any at all, growth can prevent complete
deployment and reduce RPM's significantly. What about
in reverse or neutral? Same RPM's as forward? This
could tell you whether it is prop or turbo related. It
does seem from comments that many owners have had RPM
issues with this Volvo diesel. Regards, Claude
--- pheyden2000 <> wrote:
Can anyone help me out with suggestion's on diesel
heat for my Super
Maramu? We sail in Northern California's cold
waters, and running
the gen set 24 hrs a day is not an option.
Have any Amel owners installed any supplementary
heat in their boats?

We have aprox. 1600 hrs on our TMD22 Volvo. At max
throttle we can
attain only 2500 rpms. We installed all new fuel
filters, cleaned
the prop and hull to perfection. Seems like we are
also not the only
ones with reduced rpms. We run Max throttle for 15
to 30 min. every
5 hrs. We have a clean burn, no smoke what so ever
in all rpm ranges.
Is cleaning the Turbo the first thing to do here?
Thank You from
Peter and Sherry on Liebling.

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