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Hi Peter
Hello from Singapore where I live although my boat is in France.
I don't think you should worry about that. As long as you wipe off the water form the ceiling and from the door it will remain in perfect condition. You don't need to do a thorough job. Just wipe off the excess water and that's it.I sail with three kids on board who use the forward shower very often So fare there is no single sign of water infiltration or whatsoever. My SM is already 7 years old.....
Should you fly down to Singapore let me know

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Hi, we are looking at buying a new SM2000 but don't know how we will get on with the showers set up. We will be living aboard in Hong Kong and due to the climate will be showering a couple of times a day. We are wondering about the sidewall or door getting damaged due to frequent showering. How does everybody make out with the shower setup? We currently live onboard a 16 yr old Celestial 48' ketch which has a built in fibreglass/gelcoat shower stall, so we don't have any water damage problems. thanks for your help, Peter Booth

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