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Anne-Sophie Schmitt <nearlynothing@...>

The SM is a wonderful boat, fast and able in almost
all sea conditions. I can't compare it to the
Santorin, but compared to the Maramu it sails
consistently faster--in fact from the moment you have
12-15 kts of wind the SM just seems to fix 8 kts or
better boatspeed--and does not slow through waves. It
does take a great deal more spray! But, there is one
thing: I found the Gateff factory sails poorly cut,
unacceptably so. I have had them re-cut, which is a
temporary fix. This boat deserves really good sails
and that will be next, probably Doyle, maybe North. I
really like the way Doyle cuts sails, but in the past
there were durability issues with Doyle inappropriate
to a cruising boat.
--- Krassopoulos Dimitris <dkra@...> wrote:
Dear All,

We were the owner of an Amel Santorin by name "
Aeolian Fantasy" and we are
going to take delivery of a New SM 2000 in Hyeres
next week. The name of the
boat is "ALMA LIBRE". If you wish you can see our
web site www.almalibre.gr
<http://www.almalibre.gr> to find out more about

I am very interested to receive information from
previous Santorin owners
that have upgraded to the SM 2000 . Is it really
sailing better? We were
extremely happy with the Santorin and I am anxious
to know how much better
the SM is.


Dimitrios Krassopoulos

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