[[Amel Yacht Owners] Parts Catalogue MD22 and TMD22]

Jerry and Catherine Trimm <pfm53@...>

I would very much appreciate your sending me the parts catalogue. The email
address to use is


Please do not send it to the address I sent this request from - the mail
server cannot handle a file that large. The ecinc mail server can handle
files up to 25MB.

Thank you

Jerry Trimm

"hns154es <hns154es@...>" <hns154es@...> wrote:

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We have a PDF-File "Parts-Catalogue for MD22 and TMD22".
Unfortunately it is too big to load to the file section of the Amel-
Owners-Club, because it has 12 MB in size. Anyone, who likes to have
this manual, can send us his email address to hns154es@... and
we'll attach the manual to an email.

Best regards
Hanspeter & Nathalie Wehrli - SM #158