[Amel Yacht Owners] plug for windlass

Joel F. Potter <jfpottercys@...>

Hi Eric,

I've seen many different attempts at this with varying success. The ones I
know to work:

1. A wad of duct tape (racer tape, boat tape, airplane tape, silver
tape...a thousand names for the same stuff)
around the chain where it passes through the hause hole. 90%
effective and a mess to remove.
2. Sealing clay (the kind you find at hardware stores for sealing cracks
and holes for pipes and wires) around
the hause hole. A bit of a mess t remove but 95% effective.
3. Neoprene sheet (wet suit material) wrapped around the chain, taped
with duct tape at both ends,
pulled into the hause from the chain locker. 90% effective, easy to
4. Spray type insulating foam from the hardware store, used to fill
voids, insulate around pipe and wire
entry/exit holes. It is 95% effective and disintegrates when the
chain is used. Great stuff.
5. If you have friends who are dentists, beg, borrow or steal the molding
putty they use to take full upper or
lower impressions. It is 100% effective and completely disappears
when the chain is used.

Hope this helps, Joel