[Amel Yacht Owners] Re: questions from new Amel owner

Ian Shepherd <g4ljf@...>

I am really surprised that your SM does not have a steaming light. Mine (#299) certainly did. This may give credence to rumours I have heard about owners having to pay extra for rail level navigation lights for use whilst under motor. Again my SM had all these lights as standard, which surely must be a requirement in order to comply with the Rules Of The Road regulations? I urge you to fit a steaming light when you can. It will make you legal, and keep me happy when I am on a collision course with you whilst I am under sail and you maybe are not!

Now if only everybody used the correct lights at all times.......! My experience around the Caribbean the past two years is that not many owners know what to show both under sail and under power. I challenged one boat one night who had everything on whilst motoring which made him look like a fishing boat engaged in trawling whilst I held a collision course towards him from starboard, and his response was "He just wanted to be seen!" So much for all the thought that has gone into formulating a set of rules to avoid conflicts.

Enjoy your boat. I am about to order my second SM. I would not choose anything else.


Ian Shepherd

SM2000 Crusader