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Erick MEJEAN <maramu@...>

Hi Stephan.
The cheapest and probaly most efficient way in terms of output is to use a DC/DC converter from Targus ( ).
Input is between 8 to 16V and output will be according to your computer as long as you pick the right model.
You will get the 12V DC from the existing 12 v socket. This 12V comes from the DC/DC adaptor feeding the B&G Hydra centrale. This will spare you the use of a converter which will defenitely have a higher current consumption.
I used to use a converter but I swich to this Targus DC/DC adaptor and I find it much beter and convenient
Best regards

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Notebooks on board for SM electrical wireing
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 18:14:24 -0000

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Can anyone tell me how he installed his notebook in terms of the
electrical supply. I need to connect 2 notebooks; one in a drawer
under the radar and one in the foreward cabin for the children.
Is a e.g. 200 W converter (12V/220V the right choise. Were do you
connect the 12 V, maybe from the television panel? Is a converter
24V to 220V availabal on the market. I did not found one so far in
Hanspeter Baettig

I had Amel install a 24v to 110v inverter in the hanging locker for
my US-purchased electronics. The same inverter can be purchased in
any combination of 12/24v DC to 110/220v AC. Check the West Marine
catalogue or online. It is a pure sine wave inverter
and works wonderfully for my printers as well. I bought a 1000W
inverter which is a little expensive, but powers everyting.

SM2000 #303

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