[Amel Yacht Owners] Rub rail damage

Joel F. Potter <jfpottercys@...>

Dear Michael,

This will not be what you want to hear...but it is the truth. All you need
is a better gel coat man. Seriously, in the thirteen years the Super Maramu
has been made, I've seen a lot of scuffed brown rub rails. In preparing
many of these boats for market, we have always been able to find locally
obtainable brown gel coat that is able to be perfectly matched to that which
has been damaged. Seriously, give another guy a try. Consult local boat
dealers regarding who they would suggest to do the repair. It's a bit like
being an artist to be a good gel coat guy and sometimes the good ones are so
busy they are hard to find.

We don't recommend clients take spare gel coat as it has a very short shelf
life, especially when "thermally cycled" excessively as a boat heats
up/cools off every day, particularly when idle with no one aboard.

Michael, I've done these repairs myself, satisfactorily, and I'm just a
hack. A good guy will work wonders.

Good luck,

Joel F. Potter
Cruising Yacht Specialist
Amel's Sole Associate for the Americas