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Anne-Sophie Schmitt <nearlynothing@...>

Hi. I am Swiss. I have heard similar difficulties from
other Swiss, although the reports have been very
variable, depending on where in the E.U. they may be.
You might want to consider an alternative, to form an
offshore corporation, for example in the British
Virgin Islands, and to have the boat registered there.
This lets you navigate under the "Red Ensign" as a
fully British Ship, but not subject to the E.U. This
said, I have read (rumors & hearsay I think) that some
E.U. authorities try to go after ALL non-E.U. vessels
to see what VAT they can get. I think you should have
the benefit of professional counsel regarding this,
not private opinions. It is worth doing right from the
--- rita_zanola2002 <no_reply@...> wrote:
Hello to you,

We will get our SM 2000 next spring.
As discussed in Larochelle, we have been told, that
we as suiss
with swiss- registration, do not have to pay VAT.

It sounds good, but from diffrent places, we have
heard, that we will
have to pay the VAT, as soon as we will enter the EU
in the Med.

Are among you any swiss, who have the experience
in this matter an
could advise us ?

Would be glad if anyone contact us , first by Mail

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