AML 54 Bowthruster

Nick Newington

The project is finished, new lip seal and neoprene pads and new coupling.
I had to take off the motor, all the cabling just to get at the rear bolt of the four bolts holding the lower aluminium disc.

Then once free by rotating the aluminium disc a couple of times with a lever it dropped free to be caught by a rope slung from the deck and through back up to the deck.

The above box has a drain hole in the bottom but it seams there are two compartments. By laying it on its side overnight and unscrewing the little plastic plates it drained.
I put them back with silicon.
Re-assembly was easy in theory but in practice but it is very heavy and one is working against gravity.

Finally with it all in place and re- coupled, with the flexible coupling and keyway the last push of about 1 cm to push it home was beyond my strength.
I reattached all the cabling.
I cut a wooden vertical post to support it from below then lowered the unit a tad at a time it went home perfectly. Bolted . Tested.
I took about ten hours of actual
work. Maybe next time I could do it more quickly.
S/Y Amelia