Anchor Watch/Security Alarm/Cell Phone


Thanks again to Mark and Joerg for the security and anchor alarm info.  I'll check them out. 
 Kristy did go astray at anchor in St Pierre, Martinique when I was ashore, after staying aboard for 18 hours because it took several tries to set the hook.  I've since switched to a 40kg Rocna and am more confidant, but seeing your girl floating a km offshore in 600 ft of water leaves a lasting impression.  I may have to get another cell phone and use it as the boat half of an anchor watch pair.  

If you haven't discovered the GoogleFi cell phone, check it out. It works in 250 countries with no international charges for data.  About $75US for unlimited data that throttles you after 22Gigs.

Kent & Iris
SM 243

Kent & Iris