nukanu42 <kozmakat@...>

I have recently adopted a 1990 SM. I would like to remove the
old antifouling down to the gelcoat, then apply 2 coats of epoxy
followed by 2 coats of antifouling. This is my first attempt at
doing this with this type of vessel. I have a couple of questions
for the group. Is it possible to remove all the paint by scraping
and sanding without damaging the gelcoat? Or has the experience of
the group been that using a paint stripper, such as "Peelaway", is
better? For the keel, I have been advised that sand blasting
followed by primer and then 4 coats of epoxy and 2 coats of
antifouling. Any special treatment for the keel/hull junction?
Any advice would be appreciated. Regards. J.R.