banging cables in the mizzen

Eloi Bamberg


When rolling slightly on anchor or in light winds, the cables in the mizzen are banging inside. It is rather annoying and I imagine it will damage the cables. I think there should be some foam inlets but when I changed the cables last year, I didn't find any foam in the mast. Any advise how to stop this banging?

Thank you

SM2K 426 RedLion
Syracuse Italy

Mark McGovern


There are two (2) channels in each mast.  In each channel Amel installed two (2) lines.  One is a simple piece of ~4mm mousing line that can be used to pull new cables and the other was the same line with pieces of closed cell foam tubes tied into the line about every 1.3-1.4 meters.  The foam tubes are ~10mm in diameter and about 40mm long.  When I pulled my mast down last year all four lines were rotten where they are exposed to sunlight at the top of the mast so I pulled them out the bottom and replaced them.  Here is a picture of the original foam "bowtie" and my replacement line:


Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Annapolis, MD USA

Eloi Bamberg

Thank you Marc,
When I pulled my mast down last year there where no lines left in the channels and I forgot to put a mouse-line in the front one :-(
I think I have to find some closed cell foam in Greece or Turkey and get up the Mast.