Color Code Gelcoat Super Maramu

Juan de Zulueta


I need to make some repair on the gelcoat of my super Maramu. Does anyone have the color code (RAL) of the gelcoat white and brown ?
do you know who could do it in Martinique or Guadeloupe since Amel does not have any in stock.
many thanks in advance.
Juan de Zulueta
Super Maramu #32

Bill Kinney


We had some extensive fiberglass work done on our boat in Fort Lauderdale, and the crew that did it did an amazing job matching the color of our deck as it is today. It took them about an hour of adjusting, and they made up a quantity large enough to do the whole job and then some.  I would expect this to be part of the skill set of any good fiberglass repair crew.

I think you will find if you could get the exact original color as it came from the factory, you would be very disappointed with the match right out of the can.  I know when we have uncovered parts of our boat that have never seen the sun the color is VERY different than what the rest of the boat has become after 26 years of sun and salt.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Brunswick, GA, USA