Fuel filter change on Sharki

Malcolm Matalka


I'm working on changing my fuel filter. It's a Perkins 4.108M, which I assume most Sharkis are, and I'm trying to determine if the previous owner made a mistake when they last changed it. Should there be 3 O rings or 4?  The previous owner had 3, 2 in top (big and small) and one in bottom (small).

Thank you!

Gerhard Mueller

There have been 2 types of filters used for the Perkins 4108. My Sharki build 1982 has the later type.

This is my Diesel filter:

Several Sharki owners have upgraded the Diesel pre-filter to a system like that:
The old original pre-filter is placed at the bottom of the engine room near the starboard inspection door.
Gerhard Mueller
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