Fuel tank inspection port gasket

Thomas Kleman

My forward inspection port (the one with the fuel level gauge) is leaking. I decided to change both gaskets but "practice" with the rear most port as it's easier. I was surprised to find that it isn't a gasket at all but a 2/3 eaten rubber disk. I've never had a clog (yet) and there are several baffles between where pieces would fall in the tank and the outlet. A previous owners repair ? Some Amel design feature I don't understand ? Next time I get low on fuel I'm definitely having a good look.

Tom and Kirstin
SM2K 422

Billy Newport

I just cleaned my tank (Amel 55#56) and I had a solid/complete circular gasket. The problem on mine was fuel can made it past the gasket and was pooled in the center of the gasket. With no "hole", it can go anywhere but there or even worse it "could" get in to the captain berth. As far as I can tell on my boat, that did not happen. But, we did take more care with silicon sealant when reinstalling and we did put sealant on the bolt threads and tighten the bolts more than there were which was quite loose.