Furuno Navtex SS parameter

Greg A54 172

The message can be discarded, but...

It was discovered:
1. SS level with antenna cable connected and disconnected is the same (10-12) :)
2. When just a core of antenna coax is connected to FAX-30, signal level goes to 40-50. 
3. There is a short in antenna cable with electrical resistance of 30 ohm roughly

So, new questions for those who may know regardless of area :) of reception...

How Pochon installs the FAX-30 antenna cable? 
Do they extend original Furuno pigtail or put a whole new cable?

I hope it may help to suggest and find the short.


(Hi guys, 
I have a question for those who stay around Barcelona.

I've got some problems with Furuno Fax 30 Navtex receiving.

Does anybody know if value of SS (signal strength) of 10-14 is good enough?

Can it be my location/mountain shade problem, or is it technical antenna/receiver  issue?)