Giant Halfway Folding Bicycles

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

During July of 2001 when we were in LaRochelle taking delivery of our
Super Maramu 2000 I stumbled across a shop that had the Giant Halfway
folding aluminum bicycles. I purchased two. (About $600 US each as I
recall). They weigh 28 pounds each and come in their own cloth bag.
I believe they are 6 speed. They have stainless steel spokes,
aluminum rims, and the bikes themselves are aluminum. There are some
steel parts (e.g. the chain) but we haven't had any corrosion yet. I
do use Boeshield on the chains and whipe the other parts down with
it. We haven't used out bikes a great deal in the Caribbean but we
did use them quite a bit in La Rochelle and Lanzarote. They have a
nice rack and a nice ride. The folding mechanism is simple,
straightforward and strong. Nonetheless, they do take up a fair
amount of space in the aft locker. Our biggest problem has been that
usually we have more than 2 people on the boat and when we need to go
somewhere there aren't always enough bikes to go around. As we
cruise with smaller crew we may have time and opportunity to use them
more. One final item. These bikes take a special (at least to me)
type of tire pump. Make sure you buy a compatible tire pump when you
buy the bikes. Sincrely, Gary Silver Liahona