Hello from new member


Hi,<br>Greetings to all Amel owners and
friends<br><br>We're Roy & Toni, owners of SM 195 "Excalibur",
currently in Port Grimaud, France after 5 seasons in the
Med. Also owned Maramu of same name, sailed out of
Stamford CT for 13 yrs.<br>We would be happy to answer any
questions about the Med -- it's been a wonderful sailing
area for us. We're planning to cross next year, after
sailing the Azores during the summer.<br>Re: Running
engine at full RPM. this has been recommended by
everyone at Amel and the engine mechanic in Hyeres who
services them, as well as many owners. It scares the
dickens out of you, but apparently it cleans out the
injectors and burns the carbon out of the cylinders. We
haven't done it until recently, and our exhaust was quite
black on the hull. This should help, we were told.