Lewmar 56 problem

Andreas Stuben

I belive my winch is a pre-92 as my boat was build in 92.  Short version, I broke my 56 and will see if i can machine a new insert.  Does anyone know if the casting from a 52 is the same as the 56? If the 52 is just shorter, can I swap the spindle/drum and retain the electric drive?
Andreas SV Maya SM078
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Bill Kinney


Lewmar calls that part the “central stem.” We got one for our 58 from Ocean Chandlery in the UK. They have several folks on staff who are very knowledgeable about Lewmar parts.   The price was pretty reasonable, and experienced with international sales. 

They were able to help us when nobody in the US part of the Lewmar world had a clue. 

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie 

Stephen Davis

Hello Andreas,

We own Hull #72, and have the same winches you do. These winches are Lewmar Wavegrip, and were last manufactured in 1991. Amel must of had a stock of them, as they went on many if not all of the 1992 boats. Unfortunately, very few spares are left anywhere in the world, and Lewmar has no spares for this model. With that said, there is a one man business in the UK you will find at winchspares.com, and he specializes in parts for out of production winches. He is a very helpful individual, and will ship anywhere in the world. Also, he was able to have a large bronze gear machined for one of my Lewmar 56 winches, and did a beautiful job. He seems to have the specs for all the parts that go in these old winches. It will not be cheap, but far less expensive than buying a new Lewmar winch. My large gear was about $500 shipped to the USA.

Good luck,

Steve Davis
SM 72
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Andreas Stuben

Thank you for the info!  I did contact both possible sources via email.  I did contact Lewmar a while back and no, they do not have parts any longer.  
In the meantime, I made a brass insert as I did not have bronze and will try that in parallel.  The factory part is actually also a 2-piece part which is pressed in.  That wasn't really obvious before I worked on it.  

Andreas SV Maya SM078
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