Loss of RPMs


We're Ruthe and Arnold Grubin sailing a 7 year
old Super Maramu, Pagan, now lying in Tortola. We
have a problem that seems to have been stumping the
best minds in Tortola. The engine will not rev higher
RPMs under load than 2300. The turnbo was replaced,
the diesel pump serviced, the exhaust system checked,
the injectors adjusted, the fuel checked. Originally
it wouldn't get over 1600. The props clean as a
whistle. I suspect there might have been sabotage by a
mechanic I let go. Any ideas. We'll be in Tortola in
December.<br><br>I noticed some previous inquiries about storm
tactics. We were in 50 plus knots hours out of La Coruna
in Spain a few years ago for a day an a half. We are
able to heave to for a couple of hours in the middle
of the night to get some rest using only a bit of
the genoa and run down for a day an a half on a bit
of the main. Total water taken in the cockpit
couldn't have been more than a couple of bucket's
full.<br><br>As to the electronic log. I've tried everything.
Even having it serviced at Amel's station in
Guadaloupe. It just comes and goes. <br><br>If anyone's
interested I have replaced a lot of equipment over the
years, recently, due to age, quite a bit.


Ruthe, Arnold.<br>I have just bought an 11year
old SM from another club member 'Vito' I remember in
his original survey when he bought the bought from a
French couple, there was a similar problem. I think he
had some work on the turbo done. I am sure he will
respond with his thoughts.<br><br>So, the speed log
problem is no unusual?<br><br>As and when you can I think
all would be interested in what equipment you have re
placed and any improvements.<br>Bob


Ruthe and Arnold -<br>We had a similar problem
not long ago on our Sharki. It turned out to be due
to a defective kill switch (solenoid-operated
shutdown valve). When replaced, we returned to full RPMs.
Hope this helps.<br><br>Dahna<br>SV Alchemy


Thanks DAhna, we replaced that too. I'll see if it makes a difference soon and let you know. Arnold, Pagan


Hi Ruth and Arnold<br><br>Last year I purchased a
SM#6 wich I have since sold to Bob. During the sea
trial the engine would not rev above 2100 rpms. The
problem was diagnosed as faulty injectors. They were
changed and the engine has been fine since then. However,
there could be other less expensive causes this is what
worked for me.<br><br>Thanks<br><br>Vito Ciaravino