Members working on possible Group Boat Insurance Offering for Amel Owners



The "Amel Owners Insurance Team" consisting of Teun BAAS, Kent Robertson, Ken Powers, Brent Cameron, David Kurtz, David Vogel, and JB Duler have been "working to come up with a Group Insurance Offering for Amel sailboats that recognize that Amel yachts are a safer and less risky offering than other sailboats and that might represent a safer bet for Insurance Companies to cover." The team has developed a survey that they would encourage every owner to take to help them gauge interest.  Amel Owner Survey Form

From Amel Owners Insurance Team:
"If there is adequate interest, we will proceed with a formal business case to develop such an offering. Rest assured any information that you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence and ONLY used to help us create such an offering. Your information will not be used to solicit any other services or put on any sort of a mailing list.

Ideally, we would like to get as many Amel owners as possible to respond to this survey so please feel free to pass the link to other Amel owners that you feel might benefit from such an offering as well. Similar requests are being made on the Amel Owner's Forum and the French Amel Forum. The survey is being translated to French as well and has been provided to Amel as well.

Please respond BY FILLING OUT THE SURVEY and help pass the word. Here is a link to the survey:
  Amel Owner Survey Form"

From me:
I know well many of the Amel Owners Insurance Team: Teun BAAS, Kent Robertson, Ken Powers, Brent Cameron, David Kurtz, David Vogel, and JB Duler. Most are clients of my Amel Owners Yacht School. Many of you know that I also attempted to do this about 18 months ago and was not able to get any underwriters interested. But, I believe that if at first, you do not succeed, try again and again. 

I believe if this Amel Group Insurance Offering can be accomplished it could be very good for Amel owners to be part of a group in dealing with insurance companies, and today, even more important. Today, it is not the price that is most important, but rather the policy terms and how the claim is handled. There are too many stories of insurance companies refusing to pay a claim. You should know that I don't believe that underwriters will necessarily look at Amel owners as lower risk than others. Underwriters will learn that Amel owners actually sail their boats and log many more miles than others in different brand boats. Underwriters will consider this a RISK and probably not necessarily offer lower prices. However, the benefits of Group Leverage are worth paying more because when you have a claim or if you have some other issue, you are not just an individual, but an individual within a large group. I believe there are many challenges that will need to be overcome, including the higher risk of more miles above, and the venue and governing laws because the Group is made up of Europeans, Americans, Brits, Australians, Kiwis, and the other nationalities. Even some states, divisions, and territories want to regulate insurance purchased by people within their borders. That said, I really hope something can be accomplished. Amel Owners Insurance Team needs your help. 

If they are going to get an audience with the right people, they need a briefcase full of real interest. Help yourself and help the team by filling out their survey:  Amel Owner Survey Form

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