Mothership Adrift

Thomas Margraf

Hi Woody, I see you own a Super Maramu without the 2K. Ifollow you on your YouTube Channel from the beginning and find you got as we a older/cheaper model. Our hull No. is 012 and unfortunately a little bit tinkered. The engine is a Craftsman with 80 HP, the desalinator is missed and, what a piitty, the small sofa on starboard is removed for two TV Chairs.
But I have as question: I have problems while sail reverse under engine. The rudder don't want to react there is nearly no stearing without the bow truster. I sailed for 20 years a long keel yacht and for another 10 years a Dufour Sortilege with a strong wheel effect. and now. I feel like a beginner. Is there any trick to drive the Amel beckwards without the bow truster?