Pen Azen Hard Top

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Pen Azen’s Hard Top

It is full Carbon foam sandwich composite. Foam only 20mm thick, Airex 60 kg/m³.
2layers of +/- 45%, 300g/m², straight fibres stitched together (not woven), had about 10kg, and was/is walkable.
The mold was a one off.
Only resin infusion fabrication would be more light and more rigid but than a mould is needed.
It was lot of work !

You can dance on it . Easy to remove if you needed to take the engine out . Bolt rope channel all round which allows the attachment of the canvas , windows , sunshades etc 

  ian and judy jenkins

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Some more info in case it's of interest 

Ian and Judy , Pen Azen 

In May 2021 the costs were these:

Carbon fibre top  2100 x 2800 x 28mm, , integrated cable channels for lights and solar panels, integrated bolt rope channel for side curtains and spray hood        E4,900

4 Inox posts, 30mm diameter, plus backing plates   E 336

Electrical work   E686

Canvas ( Subrella), vinyl, for sprayhood and sunshades    E 1220

Plus, VAT at 24% ( Greece )

 So, a total of about E9,000

Standing by the chair I have 186 cm headroom. 
 When the mainsail is furled the mainsail sheet sits about 3 cm above the hard top. As soon as you unfurl the mainsail it lifts the aft end of the boom so that the mainsail sheet is easily clear of the hard top, even when sheeted hard in and central.