Peter Grimm's 110% Caribbean Jib

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

2-27-2003 I have just spoken with Peter Grimm of the Sail Depot in
Florida. He indicates that he has built several dozen 110% 9.5 oz
cloth jibs for Amel Super Maramu's. Has anyone in this group used one
of his sails and what has been your experience? It seems that 90% of
my sailing in the Caribbean is with the Amel Jib furled about 50% and
then we have poor shape and a lot of flutter in the leech despite
repeated efforts to adjust the sail, the leech line, the jib cars etc.
etc. His price is approximately $2900.00 US. I would welcome any
feedback on this. Thanks, Gary Silver s/v Liahona Hull 335,
currently in Secret Harbor, Grenada