Peter Grimm's 110% Caribbean Jib

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Hello Hanspeter:

The weather is usually always good in Grenada. I do not know the
dimensions of the sail. Evidently Peter Grimm has done many of these
and has the dimensions and materials for the Maramu line of boats.
The cloth is 9.5 oz sailcloth (I presume Dacron) with UV sacrificial
white perimeter. It is a 110% jib. He has an e-mail address that I
can get for you if you are interested.

Sincerely, Gary Silver

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Hello Gary
Have you more precisely mesurements (mybe in meters) for the
bespoken cloth Jib.
How is the weather in secret harbor?
Greetings from Switzerland
Hanspeter Baettig
SM s/v hull #16
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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Peter Grimm's 110% Caribbean Jib

2-27-2003 I have just spoken with Peter Grimm of the Sail Depot
Florida. He indicates that he has built several dozen 110% 9.5
cloth jibs for Amel Super Maramus. Has anyone in this group used
one of his sails and what has been your experience? It seems
that 90%
of my sailing in the Caribbean is with the Amel Jib furled about
and then we have poor shape and a lot of flutter in the leech
repeated efforts to adjust the sail, the leech line, the jib cars
etc. etc. His price is approximately $2900.00 US. I would
any feedback on this.
Thanks, Gary Silver
s/v Liahona Hull 335,
currently in Secret Harbor, Grenada

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