Secondary Saltwater Manifold SMs & 54s, and possibly some Santorins, Mangos, and Maramus

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Great work Bill. Thanks for another year of help to keep all Amels functioning  at their best and finding new solutions.


Happy holidays and new year to you, Judy, your entire family and the Amel group. Looking forward to a better 2021.


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The company making the above is closed for the Christmas holidays. The above will work in any SM, but will not work for a 54. We are currently designing one for the 54. I will post in this thread when the company in France is ready to take your order for SM and will post here when the 54 design is complete. Thanks for your patience.




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A US Amel 54 owner has ordered and will install the PVC Secondary Saltwater Manifold. The 54 Secondary Saltwater Manifold is much more complicated than the SM2k. The SM2k Secondary Saltwater Manifold prototype is completed and ready to order. I negotiated a 15% discount for all Amel owners from SOTOMARIN, France. They are the supplier to Amel for the PVC manifolds beginning with the 55 and including the 50 & 60. 

The Amel 54 Secondary Saltwater Manifold kit is 457.18 ‎€ less15% Discount of 68.58 ‎€ = 388.60 ‎€ (Net XVAT + shipping)
Unless you need it immediately, I suggest we wait until I have a report from the first installation.
The Amel Super Maramu 2000 Secondary Saltwater Manifold kit is 437.36 ‎€ less 15% Discount of 65.60 ‎€ = 371.76 ‎€ (Net XVAT + shipping)
This is a simple installation and very straight forward. It is ready to order...see below 
Amel Super Maramu 2000 Secondary Saltwater Manifold Kit...
To order, contact Laura at contact"at"

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A54 #157 PAME

Jim Anderson

Thank you.
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