Service Autohelm Linear drive 2

Paul Osterberg

Our Autohelm Linear drive from 1999 have worked flawless during the 8 years we have had SY Kerpa. we have made ca 35000 nM most of it under Autopilot. Now we are heading out full time again and thought it might be time for service. Understand one can replace the planet gear and sprocket as well as the clutch. Would probably also like to have a spare motor.  Does anyone knew if the Raymarine Linear drive service kit fits on the old Autohelm?
Have not found any on-line source for supply within EU, appreciate any suggestion on supplier, part number etc.
Assume a lot cheaper than buying a new drive as a spare.
Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259

Bill Kinney


I have had these completely apart, for repairs, but never found a source for parts.  As far as I know this drive has not changed in design since it was released under the Autohelm brand, except for the addition of a more powerful motor at some point.

At least in the USA Raymarine still offers a flat rate repair service on these, about $650.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Daytona, FL

Paul Osterberg

Scott SV Tengah


I had mine serviced a few years ago and it was mentioned to me that some of the older Linear Type 2 drives have the plastic gears and for longevity those should be changed to metal, per your link. 

Mine was metal from the outset, so not sure if it's a direct swap between plastic and metal.

We had to clean grease off the clutch as a previous owner (or their tech) greased it and it's supposed to be dry.
2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah