Sharki Batteries


Hi Rich!<br><br>Thanks BTW for setting up the
website for us Amel owners!<br><br>Concerning the
batteries ... we have installed 4 (Trojan) T125 golf
batteries in the orignal area. We installed a starting
bettery to the starboard side of the engine. We actually
did that as soon as we got the boat 6 years
ago.<br><br>We also installed a 4 gallon Isotherm water heater
in the engine compartment. It was a pricey purchase
but the Isotherm out performs the 6 gallon stainless
steel that was on the boat. We wanted to gain room in
the lazarrette.<br><br>Gene (my husband) is
considering installing 4 Lifeline Glasmats 6 volts and 1
starting battery when these "die." Do you or any other
Amel owner have any input to that matter? What is Amel
putting in the new SM's.<br><br>We also installed bigger
alternator (Aqualine) for the house bank, multi-step
regulation.<br><br>Yesterday, we applied Awlgrip two-part Linear Polyurethane
enamel in Off White to the topside and to the
masts/booms. It is gorgeous. We are fortunate we have a friend
(woodworker) who sprays professionally do the job for us. I
did all the prep sanding and he did all the
prep/paint application.<br><br>Today we applied a two part
epoxy to the bottom after peeling the hull.
Monday/Tuesday we will paint the bottom with Pettit Trinidad SR
in black. We will lastly apply a red boot stripe
with a separate blck pinstripe above that.<br><br>Then
we will go to the coast and hit a piling full of
barnacles! Isn't that the way it's supposed to
happen?<br><br>I am so tired ... and through all of this, I am
also stripping/varnishing all the exterior wood/ cabin
sole/steps. I will be glad to get Stargazer to Charleston and
get back on her. I have missed living


Delores -<br>We built a box under the aft berth
and installed four 4D Lifelines. We are now
considering what we will do with the old battery box space -
maybe a watermaker later...<br><br>Did you paint the
"teak" decks as well? I painted ours off-white last year
using 2 part Interlux with non-skid added. They had
been painted previously.<br><br>Dahna<br>SV Alchemy