Simpson davits electrification kit by Cooney Marine.

Denis Foster


Just got the quote for Electrification Kit for our Series 8 manual davits : 6000€ Inc VAT.

That is over half the price of new Series 10 davits! Has someone done this or found alternative methods?

Source of second hand davits from salvaged boats for example?



Scott SV Tengah

The internal bits are not anything special.

The motor is from a Superwinch 4x4 winch and the gearbox is a slightly modified version of the one that comes with the Superwinch motor. The housing that holds them may be Simpson specific.

Simpson's price for the Superwinch motor was considerably higher than I could find on Ebay. If you can find a nearby friendly/helpful boat with the S300 davits, you might be able to figure out exactly what parts you need "copied" by a machine shop. I surmise it will be considerably less than 6000euros to do the conversion yourself, if you want to go through the brain damage.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

Denis Foster

Thanks Scott,

Yes the pictures I found show a motor in a sort of 

cast (Aluminium?) fitted with a gear that attaches to the gears with the drum for wire or Dyneema.

When I see the price I think I am going to keep the good old reliable manual handle.

It's just when it gets choppy and you raise or lower the tender you lose time when alone going to one side and the other alternatively.

If you have pictures of the gears and the inside of the sheave it is always helpful since there is no workshop manual.

Best regards.