Some more solutions that I have come up with

Eric Freedman

When I had to rebuild the manual main gearbox, I found the main foil was damaged- photo 1.


Some people just cut that piece out and redrill the foil.

However, the foil is still held in place by one bolt all the force of the motor is on 2 small pieces of aluminum. I had a machine shop fabricate the collar in photo 2. Thus the force of the motor is spread to 2 bolts.


Photo 3 shows a grease hole with a nylon machine screw, I use the autoprop tool to add grease.

You then remove the lower bolt furthest from the grease hole on the black collar. You can then pack the furler with grease without removing the and disassembling the unit the old grease just flows out the hole in the collar.


***  As an additional note, some people add the same type of bolt to the outhaul and furling motors on the main. Photos that I have seen show 2 holes on the same side of the gearbox.

I believe it is better to have one hole low and the other high on the opposite side of the gearbox. I put grease in one side-,the lower bottom , and the old grease comes out high  the opposite side.


For the main furler if I recall correctly, putting the holes on opposite sides is not possible. I believe I put one low on one side of the gearbox and another one higher as far away form the first as possible. 20 years and still the same gearboxes. I did the same on the genoa furler.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376