SSB Antenna on Amel SM

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

We purchased out Super Maramu 2000 (#335)about 15 months ago. The
Amel installation of our ICOM SSB and ICOM tuner was done well and
the system has worked great. The grounding plane installed at the
time of the build is very important and done well by Amel. We did
have the plastic base of the whip antenna crack during our Atlantic
crossing. We contended with this by lashing the base in place. Also
the whip is a two piece item that screws together about half way up
the whip. This screw joint began to come un-screwed at one point.
Perhaps checking to make sure this is tightened well should be added
to the checklist before going offshore. Amel replaced the antenna in
Guadeloupe and we have not had any further prblems. However, had we
lost this antenna during the crossing it could have been a problem.
In selecting equipment I have tried to have redundancy and I am
considering installing a backstay antenna just as a backup.
Sincerely, Gary Silver Liahona