SSB Not Receiving - IC M801

Chris Likins

Hi All,


I will not pretend to be an expert on HF/SSB because I am very far from it! On my Amel 54 I have an IC-M801 SSB with SCS PTC II Pactor modem. 


I seem to be able to transmit just fine as other boats can hear me, however, I am not able to receive anything. Squelch and NB are off, the RF Gain is turned all the way up to 9 and AGC is ON. Nothing but static. I'll also note that the antenna current indicator (little black bars) do not appear at all, even when transmitting. I have checked all the connections and wiring at the tuner and transceiver and I cant see anything thats loose or corroded. 


I really feel like this is almost certainly user error on my part and likely something simple like a setting in the unit itself. Can anyone point me in the right direction for receiving trouble? 


Thank you!

A54 #133

Slavko Despotovic


how about PTC II, is it sending and receiving? On my previous boat I had IC802 with tuner and Pactor SCS. How far were the boats you have been testing the transmission? What happens when you push TUNE? You should have a sound of relays and then on display Tune or THRU. With this one can manually adjust the transceiver to tuner. If there is TRHU tuner is not calibrated to the frequency. I am not sure if this has any effect when receiving. On 802 there was clear sign that transmission is on when one was transmitting.
Sorry for more questions than answers at this point of time.

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Hi Chris,  Wondering if you had any luck on improving your reception?  I thought I would wait to see if you had any more responses before volunteering some ideas.  In theory a tuned antenna improves reception but in practice little or none if you have a long whip or backstay.  However, I believe you can press F (function) and then Tune to bypass your tuner to eliminate this possibility--your display will show "THRU".  Also, since other stations are receiving you well and assuming "TUNE" shows up on your display you would expect that your tuner is working and not blocking reception. Its always a good idea to check the GTO wire and connectors between your tuner and antenna as well.

Also, to bypass your existing antenna system is pretty easy to do (FOR RECEIVING ONLY) you can take a convenient length of insulated wire, say 20+ feet and stick the conductor in the hole in the middle of your coax receptacle of your 801 and lay it out through the cockpit and rear coachroof.  You should be able to hear known scheduled broadcasts like Chris Parker or 14300 Net or WWV (continually broadcasts at2.5, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 MHz) depending on your location or propagation due to time of day.  If someone has a portable shortwave receiver, tune a station and try to receive it with your 801.  It is also possible that components inside your 801 have gone bad.  If the longwire test does not work AND you have correct voltage going to the radio AND your settings are correct (find someone with an 801 or 802 near you and have them try), then you may want to call ICOM if you haven't already.  I use a Yaesu 857-D and when it went deaf I discovered that a couple of ceramic filters had gone bad (they were sweating moisture) and had to be replaced.  I replaced all 3 of these $1 parts and the radio was back to normal.  Hopefully you have already found the solution, if not, maybe this will be helpful to searchers in the future.