Super Maramu 2000 Dodgers

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Since 1989 we have lived and cruised as far as Australia in our old
boat,an Oyster 435 from which we switched Bali Hai No 319 early last
year,this was a vast improvement over the slow leaky Oyster. Since
then we have sailed to the Med and been in a force 10 storm with no
We have no problems with the windscreen design.A piece of wood one
inch by two inches by six will prop the window open as required.
So far as the bimini top is concerned Amel retrofitted (welded) clear
panels in the front and centre sections of the Vynil.If we had known
this would have been a free or low cost item but there is a lot of
time involved in taking the frame off.We then made up a white plastic
patch which is attached to the underside with Velcro so that it can
be removed as necessary. It works very well.