Super Maramu Hull #440 New Owners Introduction


Hello all,

My name is Mark McGovern and I would like to introduce myself as one of the new owners of Amel Super Maramu Hull #440.  My wife Denise McGovern is the co-owner.  The boat's current name is Tobago Cays III but she will soon be re-named Cara.  She is now in Le Marin, Martinique but I will be sailing her up to our home port in Deale, Maryland, USA early next month.

I would like to thank all of you for sharing your love, knowledge, and passion for these boats on this forum.  Both my wife and I have "lurked" here for several years and we can definitely say that having an active, sharing, online community was one of the many reasons we chose to buy an Amel.  That, and the blue floors, of course! ;-)

I would like to take this opportunity to give a special thanks to two active contributors to this community:  Bill Rouse and Olivier Beaute.  Without their assistance and guidance, it is highly unlikely that we would now be owners of this fantastic Super Maramu.

Anyone who has read these forums at all knows Bill Rouse.  This forum would not be nearly as useful to us all without his frequent and detailed input.  When my wife and I decided to get serious about purchasing our Amel earlier this year it was right after Bill posted on the SV Bebe blog that he was starting his Amel School (  Denise immediately called Bill and signed us up for pre-purchase consulting as well as his 3 Day Course.  I can not say enough about the value of the services that we have received from Bill.  We have been paid back many times over and we've only just purchased our Super Maramu last week.  If you are in the process of looking for an Amel or have just purchased one, I strongly recommend that you call Bill.  

NOTE:  Bill is NOT a broker nor is he a surveyor.  You will still need to find one of each of those to help you find the Amel for you. 

That leaves Olivier Beaute of Atlantic Yacht Survey (  I have employed Olivier on two separate occasions to survey two different Super Maramu's. The first resulted in walking away from a purchase and the second in a purchase.  I am thrilled with both outcomes!  Olivier worked for Amel for ~19 years doing the customer handover and first year support of about 75% of the Super Maramu's made from Hull #70-ish right up until the last one Hull #479. If he surveys your Amel, chances are it is not the first time he has been on it!  And you don't just get a thorough, detailed inspection, and well written report with pictures with Olivier's survey services.  If you attend the survey (and I strongly advise that you do), you will get an education on the boat and it's systems from an outstanding teacher.  For my English speaking friends concerned about communication using a French speaking surveyor, you do not need to be at all concerned.  Olivier's English is excellent. Hire Olivier and you will not be disappointed regardless of the outcome of the survey.

So now thanks in large part to Bill and Olivier, my wife and I own an excellent Super Maramu.  We have a short punch list of mostly minor items to address from Olivier and we have the know-how, detailed instructions, and ongoing support from Bill on how to properly address them.  We could not be happier or feel more prepared!

Thanks again to all of you who contribute to this forum.  As my knowledge of my SM grows, I look forward to becoming a contributor to this great resource and not just a beneficiary of it.

Mark McGovern

SM #440 Tobago Cays III (soon to be SV Cara)

Currently in Le Marin, Martinique (soon to be Herrington Harbor North, Deale, MD)

rcavie <no_reply@...>

Mark and Denise. Congratulations!! I also share your opinions of Oliver and Bill.
I am a "newer" too, learning about my boat. I am very happy of the existence and help that means the Amel Owner Group. Extraordinary people who love the Amel sailboats and love to help other Amel owners.!  
I hope to meet you in Caribbean waters.
Buenos vientos!
Rafael & Taty
SM 2K246
St Martin

JB Duler

Hello Rafael & Taty, is your SM in Rosas/Empuriabrava?