SuperMaramu dodger

nearlynothing <nearlynothing@...>

I dislike the SuperMaramu dodger. The old Maramu dodger, though truly
ugly, was far superior. My points of criticism are: 1. durability and
strength 2. Window cannot be opened from cockpit, can't be used open
under sail (spray), can't be partially opened, opening system poor at
best 3. Cannot see mainsail with dodger extended and flexible window
difficult to install "leakproof" 4. Always sail dodger extended on
the open sea for weather or sun or spray protection 5. Cannot stand
on top of dodger (as old Maramu) to access boom and main 6.
Ventilation for aforementioned window problem is awful in the tropics
etc. Bottom line: I think we could design a very superior, high
quality, ATTRACTIVE and FUNCTIONAL fixed dodger for this superb boat;
it deserves far better than it has in this department. I propose to
work with Lyman-Morse in Maine, a builder and maintenance facility of
top credentials to either mold in GRP or fabricate a new dodger. It
will meet all the needs. Interested? Let's join together. I intend 3
windscreen windows, one progressively openable from the helm,
windshield wiper, 3 flush hatches (sun shaded) for view/ventilation
in the roof, attachability of a canvas cockpit cover extension, side
windows, etc. Specific attention to an aesthetic solution which will
complement/enhance the boat. Contact me.